You Wouldn’t Like Ed Norton Angry

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 19, 2007

‘Fight Club’ stars in China and in purple pants.


Ed Norton‘s newest movie – The Painted Veil opens today in Hong Kong. He and Naomi Watts (from King Kong) shot this movie in China and its getting good reviews. He plays a doctor and she is his wife “who marry hastily, relocate to Hong Kong. There they betray each other easily, and find an unexpected chance at redemption and happiness while on a deadly journey into the heart of ancient China.”

OK, but the real cool news is that Ed Norton has been cast as Dr. Bruce Banner in The Hulk 2 taking over for Eric Bana in the first movie. Ang Lee is out and Louis Leterrier is in, as director, he of The Transporter movies. The idea is to make a more kid-friendly movie this time around.

But what all Tyler Durden fans really want to know is if Brad Pitt is being cast as The Hulk.


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