Xbox Keyboard Controller

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 17, 2007

Microsoft takes multi-tasking to new heights.


OK, so I’m playing Gears of War on my Xbox 360, at the same time I am trash talking my friends who totally suck at the game and I also have a strategy guide for the game open in front of me while I eat Doritos and sip Coke Zero…and you know I still have time to type instant messages to my friend as well – or I guess that’s what Microsoft thinks I can do at the same time with this new controller.

While Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Spring Update will integrate Windows Live Messenger into the system’s dashboard for cross-platform chatting, the machine’s text-window interface for standard control pads makes lengthy conversations a chore.

To ease the task of typing in messages without the aid of a full-sized keyboard, Microsoft today announced a new text input device for the Xbox 360 controller. The attachment snaps onto the bottom of the controller through the headset jack and features a QWERTY-style key layout with 47 keys.


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