Xbox 360 HD-DVD Sells Big

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 27, 2007

The add-on fuels the next gen DVD debate.


Can’t decide between Blu-Ray and HD DVD? Well here’s more indecision for you. The HD DVD Group announced 100,000 players sold in the US and Microsoft is saying they have sold 155,000 HD DVD add-ons to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft Hong Kong is in the game as well by offering a free Joey Yung Safari Music Concert HD DVD with every drive purchase in Hong Kong until June 30 (or while stocks last)

But with the Playstation 3’s built in Blu-Ray drive, it’s not a surprise that Blu-Ray is leading sales in the war with movies like Casino Royale and The Departed.

One of the reasons cited again for HD DVD’s lag in sales is due to the format’s lack of exclusive, blockbuster titles thus far. The HD DVD-only Children of Men released late March is expected to help bolster its format’s numbers, though the movie was released with several compatibility issues.


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