XBox 360 $1-Billion Fix Up

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 11, 2007

Microsoft spending big bucks to retool.


Microsoft will be spending around US$1 billion to retinker and fix problems with the XBox 360. While it does work fine now, there are some longterm issues and apparently heat issues with the game machine now.

Microsoft has called the seizures “general hardware failures,” while some users have referred to a “red ring of death,” for the three lights that illuminate on the console when a serious problem has occurred. Many have raised the possibility that something — either the power cord, or a component inside the box — is overheating and breaking in the units.

Microsoft, for its part, is giving few insights. Robbie Bach, president of the unprofitable entertainment and devices division responsible for the game console, said the company has made manufacturing and production changes that should reduce hardware lockups.

Microsoft declined to comment on whether overheating was causing any of the problems.

Read the full article here. Microsoft has a lead over Sony’s Playstation 3 (that might lessen with this news and the price drop on the PS3) and with their silence it could lead to alot less Xbox’s being sold this holiday season. Developing…


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