Wii Chasing XBox Up Sales Charts

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 15, 2007

More impressive is the userbase for Nintendo DS.


It’s hard to find exact sales in Hong Kong for all the game consoles, but this handy chart from VG Chartz gives you a broad overview of the console and handheld market in Japan, North America and the rest of us.

The most important finding is that the Nintendo Wii is just a hair away from tying and overtaking the Xbox 360. Microsoft’s next gen console has been in the market much longer than the Wii and can’t seem to penetrate the Japanese market. If you are in the market to buying a console and want to make sure it will be around with games for the long haul I think we can see that “fun” is going to beat out “graphics” but a long shot.

But if you want fun and mobile together, you can’t go wrong with the Nintendo DS – we got one recently and it’s just so much fun for guys and gals of all ages and passes the time so well – we have to limit our usage so that we can update this blog.

You can buy all these products at ToysRus Hong Kong for reasonable prices, or you can brave the Oriental 188 Shopping Centre in Wan Chai (188 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai) with hundreds of game shops with all the latest games.


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