Watch ‘American Idol’ Season 6

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 5, 2007

Singing is one thing, racy photos is another!


Have you seen this show? If not you are missing one of the best TV shows ever. American Idol is incredible. I was a hater, now I’m a lover. Season 6 finalists are on now and you watch the guys and gals sing on Wednesday and Thursday at 8pm with the voting results off of satellite at 6pm all on Star World and on NowTV.

But the real news this past week is that of one of the contestants – Antonella Barba (pictured above with a fan site called “Fantonella” here) – thanks to the miracle of the internet, racy, nude photos of her have been found online starting a “sex scandal.” But most importantly they have increased her “searchability” by 4700%. She is the hottest girl on the show but don’t think she has what it takes to win compared to the other females. But I think she’ll probably go on to have the most lucrative career outside Idol.

Antonella Barba increased an incredible 47,400% last week. The “American Idol” contestant appeared in some nude photos which popped up on the Internet and could jeopardize her future in the competition. Ironically, this “scandal” is at least getting people talking about her, as her singing is entirely forgettable. (As Simon put it, “The good news is that you’re attractive…”) Antonella is scheduled to perform on “Idol” this evening. Will Ryan or Simon make any mention of the lascivious photos during their weirdly charged banter? (Doubtful. Everyone on this show is so obsessed with himself or herself that it is entirely possible that they don’t even remember who Antonella Barba is.)

If you watch it already good for you, if you don’t you are missing an amazing reality show. While the singing is in the Mariah Carey vein, its the judges and the human drama that make it so compelling and the basic fact that Simon Cowell is our hero; besides being the most entertaining a$$hole ever; he makes US$43 million a year salary and is worth US$116 million!


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