Vivienne Westwood CHAOS Showcase in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 17, 2013

The queen of punk exhibits some iconic pieces in the Wellington Street boutique.


To tie in with the MET exhibition ‘Punk: from Chaos to Couture’, Vivienne Westwood will bring CHAOS to Hong Kong. The queen of punk presents some of her most iconic designs from her journey that brought punk into the world of fashion, including some limited edition pieces that uphold her political and provocative but at the same time, playful ethos.

The Wellington Street boutique plays gallery from now until the end of August, exhibiting a range of pieces, from wallpaper to clothing and pottery to fine jewellery, all of which explore Westwood’s inspirations.

On the ground floor, you will find the tartan bondage trouser suit and seditionary boot that become Westwood’s infamous uniform for the urban youth of the 70s. Upstairs, features collections that saw the British designer look elsewhere for her motivation, including Italian Baroque theatre and 17 th and 18 th century dress. It is up here that you can see some of her most stunning creation, as well as an outfit from her Spring/Summer 2013 Climate Revolution Collection.




  • 27-29 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2833 5550


  • 6 June to 31 August, 2013

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