U.S. Writer’s Strike Resolved

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 18, 2008

Writer’s already back to work creating TV for us.


Good news: The Writer’s Strike in the US is over and everyone has gone back to work. Bad News: Some of your favorite shows will have a very short 2007-2008 season, some won’t come back till Fall 2008 and some like our friend Jack Bauer above won’t see his 7th season of 24 back until 2009. How this will affect DVD box set sales remains to be seen.
See the final fates of your favorite TV shows at the TVGuide site, where it lists the status of each show. It’s surprised us that alot of our favorite shows have a few more episodes left and might only have a short break before new ones fill out the season.

It seems that at least part of the reason for the resolve was the upcoming Academy Awards, which would have been empty seeing boycotts from the celebs themselves. You can read the final details of what the WGA came up with here.


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