Transformers on DVD Soon

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 10, 2007

More than meets the eye on your DVD shelf.


The movie that shook the globe this summer – Transformers – is making its way to DVD and HD-DVD alot sooner than you might think. Rolling into US stores on October 16, means that Hong Kong shoppers could see it as early as the end of this month (as we seem to get DVD releases a few weeks before the States, but HMV is currently listing it as the same date as in the US, so this could be an International roll-out date). So keep your eyes peeled for Megan Fox and her transforming robots with these special features:

The Story Sparks – Steven Spielberg discusses his love for the franchise and early concept art for the film. Explores how the writers adapted the cartoon into a live-action movie and why Michael Bay is the perfect director for the film.

Human Allies – A look at how the actors were selected and their experiences on the set.
I Fight Giant Robots – An exploration of the military training that Josh Duhamel and Tyrese Gibson underwent for their roles and the various stunts that the actors were asked to perform.

Battleground – A piece on the senior officials from the Department of Defense and Air Force who consulted on the film to give it authenticity and the key locations that the U.S. government provided access to.

And much more! And to get you into buying HD-DVD, that version has different special features than the regular DVD has. Expect this to be an Autobot-driver on getting HD-DVD into more homes and you’ll probably see it bundled with HD-DVD players in time for Xmas.


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