“The Departed” Wins and Loses

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 17, 2007


Martin Scorsese‘s remake of INFERNAL AFFAIRS finally got the director a Golden Globe for Best Director (but lost to BABEL for best picture) – the real face-off will be at The Academy Awards in June to see who takes home the Oscar. I know alot of HK people didn’t like the US-version of the beloved Andy Lau/Tony Leung thriller, but I thought THE DEPARTED took the whole concept up a few notches, built the characters up better, had terrific actors and created more suspense than the Andrew Wong version but of course it should do that because the budget was probably 10 times more.

Quick fact: Did you know that INFERNAL AFFAIRS has a DIFFERENT ending for its Mainland China release? You can read it here if you have seen it or don’t mind spoilers. Well those crazy Mainland censors are at it again as even the US-version can’t even make it into the city because of some mention of a Mainland army munitions buy:

“A government source tells Reuters, “There is no chance The Departed will be shown in mainland cinemas because the US side declined to change a plot line describing how Beijing wanted to buy advanced military computer hardware. “That part of the plot is definitely unnecessary. The regulators just cannot understand why the movie wanted to involve China. They can talk about Iran or Iraq or whatever, but there’s no reason to get China in.”


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