The Dark Knight in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 31, 2007

Batman tears up the city, and causes chaos like The Joker.


Originally Published on NOVEMBER 12, 2007

We attended last Friday morning’s The Dark Knight press conference at The Grand Hyatt, attended by Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, director Christopher Nolan and producers Charles Roven and Kevin de la Noy. You didn’t miss much! It was basically a “Thank You” to Hong Kong for supporting them during their 5-day shoot. But notable quotes from their open Q&A:

Morgan Freeman is staying on a high-floor at the Four Seasons facing the harbour.

Chris Nolan was in Hong Kong earlier this year writing the screenplay for this Batman sequel, and had been here at the beginning of his career at the film festival.

Nolan also debunked the rumour that the reason they cut a scene of Batman jumping into the harbvour because of its pollution was wrong, they changed the script and not because of the pollution, and that Nolan has no problem with throwing his star into the harbour, polluted or not!

Bale let it be known, that he was in fact going to jump off the IFC that afternoon.

No questions about the film story, and why Batman is in Hong Kong, were allowed to be asked. But it does seem certain that Hong Kong is Hong Kong in the movie and not a stand-in for Chinatown in Gotham City, or some other story device, as the filmmakers made sure to point out that this was the FIRST time Batman would appear out of Gotham City in a movie. Mostly in part to show the expansive world that the movie Batman lives in (as he does in the comic books.)

But, hey, why take our word for it – watch the whole video here.

Ok the rest of the hoopla has happened over the weekend and The Standard reported more on what happend in Centeral on Friday:

Tempers were frayed when the shooting of the latest Batman movie was interrupted by crowds of fans trying to get a closer glimpse of the caped crusader as police and other security personnel battled with the lunch-hour traffic around Hong Kong’s oldest wet market.

And of course in this age of digital camera’s with built in YouTube encoding, here are a selection of videos shot by passerby’s in Central during the filming as well as video captures of the news reports from TVB and ATV, view all of them after the jump.

The Dark Knight opens worldwide on July 18, 2008.

This guy even put music on it:


More news in Cantonese:

More news, but some good shots:

Crazy for Bale:

To our overseas readers, the areas they filmed at are usually that hectic at lunchtime so while it does look crazy, you can experience that many people any weekday from 1pm-2pm. But with alot less kids dressed up as Batman.


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