The 80th Academy Awards Wrap-Up

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 26, 2008

Pretty much by the numbers, except for the win for ‘Juno.’


Another year another Oscar show (that almost didn’t happen), but the big upset (but in a good way) was Diablo Cody‘s (pictured above) Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Juno (which we reviewed here.)

We’re not sure what she’s wearing (which you can see more of here) or what the deal with the rumored $2 million pair of shoes she was supposed to wear was, but she was up against some stiff competition for her category, so it was nice to see that the Academy gave the 29-year old former stripper an award for what is easily the most incredible script to come out in a long time. Read more about Diablo here or read her blog at MySpace.

Read the full list of Winner’s here. We only saw Atonement, Juno and Ratatouille so don’t feel bad.


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