Fashion Lessons From Paris Fashion Week

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 6, 2016

Paris Fashion Week came to an end on 5 October and as the fashion capital showed off their best ready-to-wear designer outfits for Spring 2017, we cast our eyes on what fashionistas were wearing on the street for styles we can steal for fall.  

With temperature in Hong Kong currently at 26-30°C, it’s not yet time to put on a sweater. But it can’t hurt to window shop, right?

So, what new cardinal rules of fashion have emerged from the latest round of Paris Fashion Week? Keep on reading (trust us, they’re easy).

No sweat(er)
Wear short jumpers or sweater either in colourful strips tight to show off your figure or wear them oversized with matching flowing skirt or calf length big skirts or flowy oversize wide pants.  


Riding coat tails
When Nicole Warne from @GaryPepperGirl wears a long brown trench over a copper lingerie slip dress, you take notice. To make life easy, get a cream/off-white version or black/navy blue long coat that will go with everything you can possibly want to wear to this fall. 


Shape up and stand out
If you work in fashion, art or the creative industry, a printed dress shows a bit of individuality and will make you stand-out.  Combine that with this season’s other emerging trend – the corset – and you’ll be oozing more fashion cred than you’ll know what to do with.



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