Sex and the City Movie in 2008

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 6, 2007

The girls will reunite for more Sex.


After alot of contract negotiations, (more likely that none of the 4 women have really done anything too significant since the series ended in 2004) it was recently announced that Sarah Jessica Parker and company will bring the HBO series to the big screen next year.

After much foreplay, the movie version of the long-running HBO series is gearing for a fall start, with New Line near a deal to finance and distribute.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon are all set to reprise their roles, with longtime exec producer Michael Patrick King directing a script he wrote.

The film got close to happening about two years ago, but progress halted when Cattrall backed away. She wanted script controls and a salary close to that of Parker, who was more highly paid than the others because she was co-executive producer of the series. Whatever tensions existed are gone now, sources said. Cattrall has a deal she’s happy with, one the sources said gives her input on her scenes, a fat salary and a future series deal with HBO.

While there have long been rumors that supporting cast members like Chris Noth would take part, those deals are expected to become clearer once New Line begins locking in deals.

It’s funny because even 3 years later after we see the “HBO Original Series” TV-snow intro that precedes all their original shows, we expect to hear the distinct Sex and the City theme song. Will the show work as a 90-minute film when the weekly format worked great with its current style trends and its soap opera nature? And more importantly what words can Samantha utter in an R-rated movie that she hasn’t already said on cable TV?


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