See Your Photos in a Snaap

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 6, 2007

Running out of regularly spelled domains even in Hong Kong.


This is convergence at its best. PCCW is offering a new service to its subscribers called Snaap. Basically you can now share your photos and videos across 4 different multimedia platforms anytime. Its free if you subscribe to any 2 of their services.

So upload those drunken birthday photos of you and your friends on Friday night from your laptop and then keep everyone in the loop by allowing everyone to see them on their TV, video phone or mobile phone with ease.

We’ll see how this picks up, its a great idea since every party we go to everyone has at least 2 cameras (a digital and a phone) so if regular people can jump the tech hurdle of how to upload this should be an exciting service.


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