Saw 4 Opens in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 26, 2007

Part 4 opening the same day as in the U.S.


Today’s Hallowe’en movie is one you can catch in the theatres: Saw 4. No doubt its more of the same Saw craziness and having it open the same time here in Hong Kong as in the US is great. Interesting to note it’s opening today and not the typical Thursday which would mean Saw 4 opened first in Hong Kong, by opening today we are closer to the US schedule.

Well we cant say too much about Saw 4 that would ruin the first 3 if you haven’t seen them – but we hear there are several Saw Marathon parties happening this weekend where everyone screens Saw 1-3 and then hits the cinema to see #4. You’ll get enough story from the trailer below or by watching the first 5 minutes here.

The bad thing about the internet is that news has leaked that some of the actors are signed to do 2 more Saw movies so you know that this series will continue. And with a budget of only US$10 million, the Saw series is one of the most profitable movie franchises ever.

Also in theatres starting yesterday is Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake which has been panned by critics. Still worth a look if you are huge Michael Meyers fans (and who isn’t) but if you want another good creep out from Rob Zombie we suggest the disgusting and bloody House of a 1,000 Corpses – another movie to watch between your fingers.



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