Review: We Will Rock You, Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 23, 2008

Unbelievable live rock musical brings it to Wan Chai.


We set this up for you in back in December, and now it’s finally here in Hong Kong and we’ll plainly state: We Will Rock You was worth waiting for.

The west-end musical based on music by Queen and Ben Elton is a nearly 3-hour top-to-bottom thrill ride of music, dancing, costumes, set pieces that is worth every penny of the ticket price.

Its the year 2350 and rock music has been banned, a young kid who has “dreams” of rock songs is the world’s only salvation. In between the “story,” we are treated to great performances of Queen songs like Another One Bites the Dust, We are the Champions, a tease of Flash Gordon and one other song we forget the name of, but we think we heard it before in the movie Wayne’s World ;-)

Hugely enjoyable, if you can still get good seats we suggest in the A section in the middle, further away but a great view of the entire stage. And don’t worry, the whole audience got into the performance with dancing and hand clapping as this show can get even the most anti-musical person on their feet and snapping their fingers.

We Will Rock You plays in Hong Kong until June 22 so you still have plenty of time to catch one of the shows which is great for music fans, Queen fans (like ourselves) as well as for those people who aren’t into musical theatre. A shortcut in through the magic of Freddie Mercury is all anyone needs. Tickets are here at

The We Will Rock You the site is here and below we found an MTV interview clip of male lead MiG Ayesa from backstage of the show:

As well as a montage of performances from the TV show Rock Star INXS:


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