Review: Wanted

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 3, 2008

Would you kill one to save a thousand?


What would you do if you were asked to kill someone, knowing that that persons death would save 1 thousand other people? Could you do it? Kill someone to save more? That is the moral dilemma of the new film Wanted, and if you’re wondering if you should tackle the new Angelina Jolie movie in the theatre, the short answer is: Yes.

This is the Angelina you saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Tomb Raider taken to 11. And she’s not even the main character.

This comic-book based movie is a cross between Fight Club and The Matrix with a dose of Walter Mitty thrown in, the blood and guts will be tough for you if you can’t take that kind of thing, but basically anyone who has had a dickhead for a boss, or always thought they were set up for something else in life, should go see Wanted.

The story can be summed up in the trailer below, but its pretty straightforward, what stands out are the Matrix like crazy bullet tricks, the smokey eyes of the beautiful, yet quite thin, Ms. Jolie and the pitch-perfect performance of Mr. McAvoy makes this a thrill ride for guys and gals to check out.

The story is pretty simple and you can get a sense of how it will play out when the big twist is revealed which is kind of obvious in a Sixth Sense kind of way, but its still a thrill ride with bending bullets, cars doing backflips and James McAvoy having his face turned into hamburger. The only weird thing is all the cool assassins of The Fraternity had maybe 1 line each. I guess it shows us that killers don’t waste time on talk.

It was hard getting a ticket on the weekend, and we’re sure the word of mouth in Hong Kong will keep the box office on this film going longer than The Incredible Hulk, so if you want a fun and fast bullet ballet movie that almost makes you forget about John Woo, then this is it.

Wanted is now playing in Hong Kong.


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