Review: TMNT

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 11, 2007

Heroes in a Half Shell, Turtle Power


We’ll keep this one real simple: If you liked the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Highlander or ninjas, chances are you haven’t grown up too much since 1990 and that you’ll like this one too. Amazing CGI by Hong Kong-based Imagi, this is world class animation, people and a real contender in the international CGI animation scene. While this film won’t keep anyone at Pixar or Dreamworks awake at night, it does show that there is a market for action-packed PG-13 type animation films.

The design of the characters is pretty amazing by one of the most talented guys out there, (Jackie Chan Adventures and The Batman cartoon designer) Jeff Matsuda and while the story was so-so, the action was great and the jokes enough to have the younger viewers at the AMC theatre in Pacific Place screaming with joy.

Not much else to say other than it was a fun time at the movies and that the AMC Pacific Place (this is our first time at this cinema since the re-modeling and its nice, like walking onto the Next Generation Enterprise from Star Trek) is the only theatre in town with the English-dub which feature Sarah Michelle Gellar, Chris Evans (again?), Patrick Stewart, Laurence Fishburne (all 60 seconds of him) and Zhang Ziyi as the voices.


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