Review: The Simpsons Movie

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 8, 2007

Why would you pay to see this when it’s free on TV?


That is the first joke out of Homer’s mouth, and in some ways its the ironic truth. The Simpons Movie which opens tomorrow in Hong Kong is definitely one of the surpises of the Summer in the US pulling in US$70 million on its opening weekend and doing great numbers around the world, showing that even if you can get it for free, people are willing to pay for something they love; and they love The Simpsons.

The movie tackles environmental issues to give some depth to all the jokes, and is a timely centerpoint to base the movie off of. The biggest shock to seeing The Simpsons on the big screen is not that they are now 20 ft tall – but that you can see the high-end animation of these characters that you have never seen before (what you get with a movie budget instead of a TV one). Fluid detailed animation with anime-like coloring and multiple characters in action in the same frame with Futurama-styled cel-shaded 3D elements make this Simpsons a must see for the die-hard fan as the family and their friends have never looked better and there are at least 2 not-safe-for-TV moments that you can only see in this movie, that must be seen!

If you are a fan, you’ll have a great time, if you want to laugh you will – if you are on the fence, you can wait for the DVD but to see The Simpsons on the big screen is something not to be missed!

Check out this overview of the production and interviews with the voice actors:


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