Review: Stardust

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 10, 2007

Butterboom’s Movie of the Year.


Stardust is the first movie this year to get an “A” rating from us and its one we had the least expectations for. If you like magic and fantasy and crazy characters without a dragon or boy wizard in sight, then Stardust is for you which for our money was better than all the Harry Potter movies combined. It’s got witches, unicorns, sky pirates, ghosts, a goat man, sword fighting and Robert DeNiro in his most gender-busting role yet.

The story based on Neil Gaiman and Charles Vessgraphic novel is a pretty straightforward fantasy, but one of the things we liked best was that every fantasy cliche was turned on its head. When you expect the hero to go right, he goes left, when the bad guy is about to win, he gives up. Although the special effects were dodgy in some places, the feeling of wonder was still there in what was the most underrated movie of 2007, and more likely to be appreciated by international audiences.

It’s out on DVD today at HMV and other DVD shops in Hong Kong, and is a perfect gift for the movie fan and something everyone can sit and watch and have a great time. Its a timeless story without being old fashioned, not too scary for the kids and just a fun time for all in a Princess Bride and Willow type of way.

See the trailer below and visit the official site here:


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