Review: Spider-Man 3

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 2, 2007

What we think about Spidey’s third outing.


Does it really matter what we – or any reviewer, for that matter – say about Spider-Man 3? You’re going to have to see it for yourself.

Ah, but if you really want to know what we thought….

UPDATE: Sony Pictures is reporting yesterday’s opening day of Spider-Man 3 was the biggest opening for a movie ever in Hong Kong. Even bigger than Aquaman. It pulled in $7.5 million in ONE DAY. Beating previous opening day champ Kung Fu Hustle.

We were a bit let-down. Maybe we’re getting older, maybe it’s the same old thing again, maybe Tobey Maguire is getting on our nerves, maybe it just wasn’t that good.

I won’t bother to go into story specifics because I was able to stay clear of many spoilers that were found online for the last 18 months I won’t spoil it for you. But here is a quick list:

– Quite a few characters with origin stories, plus several romances and betrayal’s and then the whole story about the black suit. I’m surprised it was all crammed into 2 hours and 20 minutes without it feeling rushed – well, except for the end.

Topher Grace; great as Eddie Brock, not so good as Venom…and die-hards, get ready to be disappointed with the Toothed-and-Tounged One. ‘Nuff said. – Mary Jane is a bitch. – How can I feel scared for Spider-Man when he is getting beaten up when he looks as real as those action figures on Robot Chicken? Still can’t believe after 3 movies they still can’t make Spidey look real enough.- Die-hard fanboys (like us) will be severaly disappointed with the ending.

– The whole movie was really quite “kid-friendly” to the point where there was at least 3 shots of kids going “Cool, Spider-Man!” and not to mention the lack of blood and broken bones. When Spider-Man gets slammed through a glass window he would be pretty cut-up, as his Aunt May said in the first movie “You’re not Superman, you know!”

– Two best characters: J. Jonah Jameson and the French Restaurant Maitre’D; played to extreme perfection by the one and only Bruce Campbell.

– Cool Stan Lee cameo.

All-in-all it was a fun roller-coaster ride of a movie, fun for all and fun to see Sandman and Venom in live-action but boy, it missed alot of marks that would make it a classic. I think we’d like to thank Sam Raimi for doing a great job but if there is a Spider-Man 4 it shoud be with a new director and cast to re-fresh it because third time was not the charm here.

It’s almost legendary that the first Summer movie in May is lackluster and forewarns a tepid reaction to all future releases. Lets see if Ocean’s 13, Fantastic Four 2, Shrek 3, Die Hard 4 (Good Lord) or Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix can thrill us more this Summer.


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