Review: Ocean’s 13

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 11, 2007

Third time out is definite fun, but not the charm.


We loved the Ocean’s 11 and have to be one of the 5 review teams that liked Ocean’s 12 – because it was NOT the same as the first one. So while we’re sure many people will love Ocean’s 13 because it seems like the first one, we thought it was a bit of a step back. Lets run down the 13 pros and cons:

1. George Clooney and Steven Soderburgh seemed so intent on making up for the critical bashing of Ocean’s 12 that they decided to remake the first one. As much as we love Vegas, they should have come to Macau this time or somewhere else this time around.

2. The music was awesome.

3. Lack of use of all the members of the team, while they all had their scenes if you didn’t see the first 2 you’d be very, very lost. Which leads into..

4. Why wasn’t there a character recap at the beginning, would a cool 3-minute title sequence that shows us the strength of each character that hard to put together. I wonder why some of them were even on the team (Basher couldn’t fix the drill, Livingston had to call for help and Virgil and Turk started a factory uprising in Mexico.)

5. Bad use of Al Pacino. In a most subdued performance he actually made Andy Garcia’s Terry Benedict look MORE EVIL than his Willy Bank character. (This is a bit of a reunion movie too – Pacino and Garcia from Godfather 3 and Pacino and Barkin from Sea Of Love.)

6. Why are all these hotel/casino owners such idiots. Pacino’s character hires a flakey woman as his right-hand man? At least Vincent Cassel‘s Toulours from Ocean’s 12 was almost Ocean’s equal in terms of being a thief and proved to be a metal challenge for them instead of “super computer security” systems.

7. No Catherine Zeta-Jones! Ellen Barken made up for some of missing babe scenery but her character was totally useless.

8. Was Carl Reiner even in it?

9. Eddie Izzard‘s Roman Nagel (from O12) should have been on the team from the beginning.

10. Most timely and local joke – the Chinese guy Yen played the high-roller.

11. Who else guessed who Matt Damon’s dad was the minute he showed up on screen, basically rendering that last twist totally predictable. 2 words = Super Dave.

12. Best scene – Andy Garcia on Oprah.

13. Knocking out the power AGAIN? That was the exit strategy? I saw this movie already, it was called Ocean’s 11.

I enjoyed seeing another movie with these actors in it, but it wasn’t very original – it seemed too much the first one and without any special twist at the end. I thought at least Pacino knew about the camera in his office, but when it seemed he didn’t and that he was so excited about something as useless as the perfect-product placement of a new Samsung cellphone I knew that he was just a bastard and not a real challenge.

While Ocean’s 13 was fun, we kept waiting for the twist to show us up – but it never came. It’s definitely a rental unless you want to hide out in a theatre from the rain and humidity in Hong Kong.


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