Review: Music and Lyrics

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 12, 2007

A very good cliche-ridden rom-com.


On DVD soon is the Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore romantic-comedy Music and Lyrics which we brushed off when it was in cinemas as another typical film. It is, but it has a bit more that brings it sligtly above the typical dreck that you see in these types of movies and is the perfect film to watch on a typhoon-ridden weekend in Hong Kong.

The trailer here will give you the overview of the story. The clincher here is seeing Hugh Grant as the Andrew Ridgely-type character in a fictional 1980’s pop group called “Pop!” 20+ years on while his former partner went on to fame and fortune and has left him singing his old hits at fair grounds and birthday parties.

While Drew Barrymore could be interchanged for any other comedy girl actress, she does bring along a bit of the “cute frump” but in the end its all about Hugh Grant’s awesome sarcastic one-liners that made him so watchable in 4 Weddings and a Funeral and About a Boy.

This isn’t must watch film making but its cute and charming enough to recommend. Buy it from HMV here or visit the official website and learn more trivia about the film here.


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