Review: Knocked Up

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 21, 2007

One night stand pregnancy comedy doesn’t live up to hype.


Knocked Up is a movie that opens on October 18 in Hong Kong cinemas but is you can see it on Region 3 DVD, 4 weeks earlier on Tuesday, is the story of 2 people who get drunk one night, have sex and then have a baby. That is the entire premise of Knocked Up. Of course, because this is from the director of the 40-Year Old Virgin Judd Apatow and has Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd from that movie in it, how bad can it be? And it scored an amazing 91% on RottenTomatoes, plus buzz from our US friends is at a fevered high.

Our take: Don’t believe the hype. Knocked Up gave us about 5 medium-sized laughs in the extended-cut of the movie which ran over 2 hours long. Two young people going through the labours of a pregnancy is a pretty typical plot premise for laughs, so you;d expect alot of great side jokes and characters similar to the idea of Steve Carrell‘s character trying to have sex for the first time at age 40 – but it seemed to miss alot and gave us the same typical stoner characters and psychopathic married couple you usually get in these types of movies. It was more like Wedding Crashers in tone, in that women will find it funny as much as men. Maybe we just don’t believe a comedy like this can appeal to both sides evenly and it ends up satisfying neither properly.

Best parts of the movie are when Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd trade quips, not unlike the stuff they did in 40-Year Old Virgin. It’s an OK comedy, but if you want to bust a gut laughing, re-watch 40-Year Old Virgin or even Blades of Glory but this one is just not as funny as it could have been. Let’s just say that this trailer for Judd Apatow’s next film Walk Hard, a parody of the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line, already has more laughs for us, than Knocked Up did through its 2+ hours.

See it below:


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