Review: Juno

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 19, 2008

Teen pregnancy movie hits all the right notes.


“If you’re still in, I’m in” – this handwritten note from Ellen Page’s Juno to Jennifer Garner’s Vanessa pretty much sums up this whole wonderful film about teen pregnancy, love, family and how a life can change in 9-months.

It’s a longtime since a movie as charming as this has come around, and when it does it’s a must see. Juno is coming to Hong Kong this Thursday, February 21st, and it’s a definite pre-book kind of film.

Fast-talking, smart-ass Juno MacGuff (played by X-Men 3 and Hard Candy’s Ellen Page) was bored one day and got herself pregant at 16. She finds a loving couple that wants to adopt her baby and the movie then twists and turns through all the movie cliches but does a 180-turn on each of them, when you think its going one way it totally goes another direction and you get caught up in its fantastic comedy script, brilliant characters and non-sappy ending.

We saw this with zero-expectations, so even though we’ve hyped it up now, it should still be very entertaining for you and a date. And how can you not see a movie where the lead character has a hamburger-phone? Trailer below:


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