Review: Iron Man

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 30, 2008

Robert Downey Jr. shines in superhero armor.


What if Bill Gates and James Bond became a superhero? This is what Iron Man is all about, and like the Spider-Man movies, this movie hits all the bases and thrills every type of audience member.

Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr) – a creator of weapons of mass destruction, has a life-changing revelation that he should use his genius to help people instead of destroying them. But being part of a huge weapons-making company, not everyone feels that way (even CNBC’s Mad Money-host Jim Cramer makes a cameo) and so what in real life would be a power struggle in the boardroom ends up being a WWE match in suits of armor on the streets. Imagine if Microsoft and Yahoo could solve their business this way! Along the way we see Stark develop a high-tech suit of armor (but still uses an LG phone) that makes sense if you were expecting the bad guys to shoot at you. Listen up,, Spider-Man.

Robert Downey Jr
, a great actor all his career WAS the special effect of this movie. This unbelievable situation is pulled together in Downey’s hands, so not only did we buy it we bought the action figures after we got out of the cinema.

The film has it flaws, but the chemistry between Downey and Gwenyth Paltrow, and Downey and Jeff Bridges and Downey and his robot assistant Jarvis even rings true and makes for a very entertaining time at the movies.

Our vote? Suit up for Iron Man.

And… stay for the end credits, there is a hidden scene after the last credit rolls that will be pure ecstasy for any comic book fan. If you really want to know what it is, click below – if not just wait to see it.

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Just in case some people come direct to this page, we’ll leave a gap so you don’t accidentally see the spoiler.


Ok here we go….


Close the browser window if you don’t want to know.

As soon as you see the last of the credits the scene fades to black and then re-lights back at Tony Stark’s mansion – it would seem he has finally made it home from his press conference as it’s night time and the house is dimly lit.

There is a man looking out through the window at the view. He welcomes Stark home. Stark asks who he is, he turns around into shadow and then walks into the light, he delivers a line and you already know the voice as he comes into the light – it’s Samuel L. Jackson in a green trenchcoat and and the famous eye patch – he introduces himself as Nick Fury and wants to discuss “something about our Avengers initiative” so if you are familiar with the comic books, Nick Fury heads up the organization that is referred to in the film as S.H.I.E.L.D. – which is like a superhero FBI – and The Avengers are a Marvel Comics superhero team that 1st featured Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk in 1963 but are now known today as THE ULTIMATES.

Yes this is pure nerdy, fanboy geek-out, but by our bets, this kind of cameo is what will make Iron Man soar to box office heights.

A massive tip-of-the-hat to director Jon Favreau who obviously knows how to please his audience and “gets” this type of film.


See you in 2010 for IRON MAN 2 without a doubt!


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