Review: Fracture

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 20, 2007

Hopkins and Gosling go head to head on DVD.


Fracture is out on DVD now after its short run in Hong Kong cinemas. In a nutshell, Anthony Hopkins kills his cheating wife and then is able to hide a crucial piece of evidence which is all that is needed to render reasonable doubt in the jury trying him for murder. Meanwhile, Ryan Gosling‘s character who plays the prosecuting lawyer, can’t find the evidence or anything else to build a case around because Hopkins is just too clever…or is he?

At best, Fracture is a mediocre crime drama that we consider a missed opportunity like Heat. Not that I’m saying Ryan Gosling is a DeNiro or Pacino – but he is one of the better young actors, and to have him tear it up with Hopkins would have saved this otherwise by-the-numbers legal procedure film. If you like crime movies where the killer is already revealed to the viewer in the first 10 minutes and the rest of the movie is of a young, brash lawyer trying to save his reputation and a new cushy job – then Fracture is for you. Hopkins and Gosling both delivered fine, understated performances but the story didn’t deliver.


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