Review: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 18, 2007

Much better than anticipated, must be the zero expectations.


Well, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was a surprise. While we are big Fantastic Four fans from the comics and cartoons, the first movie was so bad it made even watching Jessica Alba a chore. Its saving grace was Chris Evans as Johnny Storm; who is written and acted exactly like the comic book.

So with zero expectations on this second film, and a ton of bad reviews we were amazingly, above-average, satisfied by the film. The film is actually 100-times better than the first one in so many ways, from the unique threat that is an integral part of the FF history, to the family attitude – which is more apparent in this one to the great cameo by Stan Lee being bounced from Sue and Reed’s wedding.

Also a surprise was the Silver Surfer who was so well done, I thought half the time it was a real man standing next to them. A pity there wasn’t more of him, but I do smell a potential spin-off that I would gladly watch. Even though Julian McMahon’s Dr. Doom is all wrong (in the comics he NEVER, EVER takes off his mask) he has such a handsome arrogance that in this movie he seemed more like the conniving Dr. Doom from the comic even without the mask on.

Yes, there were lots of plot holes and some cheesy special effects (looks like it was all spent on Silver Surfer and Galactus) but for a fun-for-all kind of movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has a lot of fun, laughs and action; you can see the writing, directing and acting pulled the four together more and was more interesting to see how they can beat the odds. Most importantly, we were never bored, laughed all the way and was impressed by the Silver Surfer, three things LACKING from Spider-Man 3; these superhero movies have to take their sequels to the next level to ‘wow’ audiences and I think Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer did it and was an enjoyable weekend popcorn flick – I sure hope you aren’t expecting any more than that.

And reports from the US claim Fantastic Four took the top spot this weekend with a US$59 million opening weekend, slightly beating the opening of the first one guaranteeing a 3rd installment in 2009.


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