Review: Disturbia

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 27, 2007

Shia does other things than play with robots.


Yes, that kid from Transformers is on his way to Hollywood superstardom. Disturbia which finally opens in Hong Kong this Thursday is what made Shia LeBeouf the leading man star that got him into Transformers and to play Indiana Jones’ son in the upcoming 4th movie due out next year.

Disturbia came out earlier this year in the U.S., and is already on DVD by the time it hits the theatres here. We are giving it a C+ grade because it is a fun little movie for the highschool set, but if you’ve seen Rear Window then you’ve seen this movie. In a nutshell, Shia’s character gets imprisoned at home with one of those ankle bracelet things, and of course bored out of his mind he turns his binoculars across the street to see something very bad happening at his neighbors house. All hell breaks lose and lots of cat-out-of-the-cupboard type scenes that will keep you jumping. It reminded us of the Scream movies; so if you like that kind of stuff then this will be your cup of tea. Definitely not worthy of the praise it got in the US for director D.J. Caruso, but Shia LeBeouf makes a great teenage leading ‘boy’ as he proved again in Transformers. It’s also weird to see Trinity from The Matrix in here playing his mom.

Its a rental, unless you really have to go to the cinema this week because it is slim pickings in this last weekend before we strap down for September.


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