Review: Apocalypto

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 26, 2007

More violent men in underwear!


If you saw 300 before seeing Apocalypto, you might be a bit let down. While we were not thinking it was going to be the same type of film we did think it would be something different since it came from Mel Gibson (who is in the news again because of a tiff at CalState).

It’s hard to follow up Passion of The Christ, with anything without it being a let down. It’s like The Wachowski Brothers following up The Matrix with The Matrix Reloaded, the expectations are too high and even if the film is worthy your mind won’t let you think it right away, especially having recently watched 300 about barbaric men in underwear protecting their way of life from even more barbaric people who come to take over – which is essentially the same plot. The movie did come out in December 2006 in the U.S., and it is pretty amazing marketing that the Hong Kong distributor released this right after the huge box-office of 300 in Hong Kong.

What Apocalypto is, is a slightly cliche-ridden action movie that is set in ancient Mayan times to give audiences a typical story in a new setting (which is what Star Wars was too.) It’s entertaining and violent and sad, but its the first modern movie about the Mayan culture which is something people in Hong Kong should watch to get some understanding on this ancient civilization and get a story of love and sacrifice with punches of action thrown in for good measure.

You can read the plot here where you can buy tickets at Cityline. It’s an interesting film and definitely a catch on DVD/VCD.


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