Review: 21

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 18, 2008

No surprise: counting blackjack cards isn’t fun to watch.


If you think the new movie 21 is going to teach you some tricks the next time you are in Macau, save the admission price for the slots.

21 is the story of a bunch of MIT students find a way to count cards playing blackjack with fast math on the brain, and an evil mentor (Kevin Spacey) that gives them all the tricks to play the dealers at the casino’s in Las Vegas. And it’s a true story. But of course since its a Hollywood 2-hour version of the truth, alot of it gets whitewashed over.

Gambling movies are rarely entertaining, so you already have a black mark against it. Kate Bosworth looks great, so you get sucked back in, then Lawrence “Morpheus” Fishburne shows up and you think it might be a good twist ending, but it never quite makes it there. Entertaining if you are sick of the superheroes and the big special effect movies, but easily something you’d catch on NowTV in a few months on a night when you’re recovering from a hangover.

21 opens in Hong Kong on Thursday. Order tickets online here. Trailer below:


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