Review: 1408

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 28, 2007

Yet another Stephen King haunted hotel movie.


The first act of 1408 was great and really set up a great, spooky concept – a haunted house book writer goes to refute the claims of Room 1408 (with no 13th floor marked in the elevator, this is essential 1308) in a New York City hotel of being haunted. Everyone who has ever stayed in this room has died since the hotel’s inception. The hotel manager played by Sam Jackson really adds to this Shining-like premise and we were hoping for a semi-return to the Overlook Hotel.

Didn’t happen.

What happens after John Cusack closes the door to room 1408, starts great but then twirls into the “typical” scary movie idea. When the technicolor ghosts showed up re-enacting their suicides we were already thrown out of the movie.

Unfortunately, its hard to review a scary movie without giving away too much of the plot while telling you what’s wrong with it. So we’ll just have to stick to the C+ review that we are giving it, as something fun to watch if you are by yourself at home this Hallowe’en but definitely nothing new in the haunted hotel genre, but might be fun to watch with a very vocal and paranoid audience.


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