Resident Evil: Extinction Opens Today

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 4, 2007

Three-quel zombie movie sets off Hallowe’en.


We don’t know which signifies the oncoming Hallowe’en holiday – seeing costumes in Watson’s or another horror movies showing up at the cinemas.

Milla Jovovich is at it for a third time in the movie-based-on-the-video-game today as Resident Evil: Extinction shows up 2 weeks after its U.S. release here in Hong Kong. We liked the first one, thought the second one was terrible (as was the filmed-in-Hong-Kong Ultraviolet) but because we love Milla we’ll probably go see this one, and the fact there isn’t much else worth seeing at the multiplex this week if you are looking for some scares.

General reviews are saying its better than the second one but not as good as the first, which means its in the “medium-sucky” level. Looking forward to more scary movies in the weeks leading up to October 31st. Zombie saliva, arrows and bullets to heads and jumping and kicking in high-heels in the video below:


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