PSP Shows Off Body After Diet

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 3, 2007

New slimmer PSP ready for sale next week.


In what looks like a lead up to the Christmas buying season onslaught, Sony is unleashing new images and info on the slimmer and sexier Playstation Portable (PSP) coming out on September 10 in the US, and went on sale on Friday here in Hong Kong:

Thinner and lighter: While the 19 percent depth reduction may not look dramatic in the comparative photos, when you actually pick it up and hold it, the fact that the new model is 33 percent lighter than its predecessor is readily apparent. (One co-worker remarked: “It feels like the battery is missing.”)

Slightly improved cosmetics and controls: The thinner profile offers a slightly sleeker, more rounded look and feel. Even better, however, is that all of the control buttons (the d-pad on the left, the PlayStation circle, X, square, and triangle on the right, and the shoulder buttons on the top) all seem to have a bit more spring to them. They feel just a tad more responsive–and that’s a good thing.

Faster loading times: We need to put this one on the clock, but a couple of favorite games–Burnout Dominator and Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories–definitely seemed to boot up faster on the new PSP compared to the old one. But don’t expect miracles: the UMD load times are still pokey when compared to the lightning fast flash-based games of the Nintendo DS and Game Boy.

We’ll have to see about this one. While the weight issue is a problem, its not the whole problem, with this week’s announcement from Apple and the massive marketshare of Nintendo’s DS, its hard to say that this PSP diet will have a big impact on sales.


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