Plan Business Meetings at Disney

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 11, 2007

Wish upon a star while having a power lunch.


Hong Kong Disneyland has launched a new service to help boost their declining park revenues by introducing Disney Meetings and really what better place to hold a MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions) than at Mickey Mouse’s home.

We were going to make more fun about this, but when we checked out the website it actually is a logical choice for Hong Kong companies. Most Westerners can’t see the connection between people over 12 and the Mouse House, but in Asia it has a totally different vibe, more along the lines of Japan’s Hello Kitty, and one of the reasons why it was brought out to Hong Kong.

And no doubt the HK Gov is pushing Disney for this kind of product to try and keep business people in HK instead of going to Macau. But, depending on the type of company or industry you are in, it’s a hard decision, isn’t it? Adventureland or Slot Machines? Space Mountain or Russian hookers? Whichever way you decide to plan your next team building exercise or even a team meeting, we think Disney is a safe an fun bet especially if your company is pre-dominently female.

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The Disneyland Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong is kind of neat looking if you want that classic film noir feel, if you eat a hamburger instead of noodles you almost feel like you are in the 1930’s Los Angeles:


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