Order Dinner on TV

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 23, 2007

Interactive TV is really here in Hong Kong.


Many of you have ordered some kind of food by phone like pizza or used the Food by Fone service. But Dial a Dinner takes the game to a whole new level: the name is misleading since you can order online and now through your NOW TV, on Channel 501.

Ordering through your TV is what got us excited and its a pretty neat service as you can order from restaurants like Coyote Mexican, Cafe Siam, Delaney’s, Outback Steakhouse, Thai Orchid, Malaymama and so many more. It also goes to the next step by delivering beer and convenience store items as well like batteries, ice, toilet paper (!) and even cigarettes. OK how lazy can you be in Hong Kong when everything is just “downstairs” but in the hectic life many of us lead in Hong Kong a service like this is the future we were promised in 1999 but its here now.

Check out the site here or just go to channel 501 on your Now TV and from now till May 10th when you place any order you’ll get a HK$100 coupon and one dessert free.


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