Ocean Park Hits 4.8 Million Visitors

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 17, 2007

One Canadian man takes on Disney, and wins!


I didn’t think this possible until I actually went to Ocean Park recently for the first time and enjoyed the hell out of myself. This is old school fun, and even the aquarium is fun. Alan Zeman, take a freaking bow and be an inspiration to all Canadians living in Hong Kong. Take that Mickey Mouse.

Ocean Park announced Tuesday its attendance record has reached 4.5 million within this fiscal year, breaking last year’s record.

Welcoming the 4.5 millionth visitor of Ocean Park in a ceremony on Tuesday, Chairman of the park Allan Zeman said that in just about 10 months within this fiscal year beginning July 1, 2006, the park surpassed its previous attendance record of 4.38 million, and has reached a new height as the record of 4.5 million was first broken.

“We have topped our records for three successive years, and we are confident the trend will continue into the future,” said Zeman.

Its interesting to know that around half of the visitors are from the mainland and the other half are from Hong Kong and that its on the Forbes list of the Top 50 most visited places in the world. Good luck getting in this Summer, just don’t eat those 2 hot dogs before getting on the roller coaster like we did. Bad idea.


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