New eBook Reader from Adobe

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 21, 2007

Digital editions getting more serious?


Adobe has launched a new eBook reader today called Digital Editions 1.0 – its free so go ahead and download it now (and help yourself to a handful of free eBooks.) Our knee-jerk reaction is that A) Slightly cooler than just using the Acrobat Reader and B) If Adobe is releasing this then there must be a big eBook push coming in the next few months.

You can read a more hands-on review here but if you just read PDF files for work you may not need it, but if you do read long form text, like contracts, this might be more in line for you:

It lets you annotate content with bookmarks, highlight stuff, and make little text notes just like you’re scribbling on a real book. Plus, it can wrap and reflow its text to fit the screen. We downloaded it and tested it out, and it feels positively snappy, letting you zoom in and out, wrapping its text and doing everything extremely well. It also has good facilities for managing the eBooks you have in your library. Go ahead, try it. There are some free eBooks you can download from Adobe to get a feel for the software.

Download a Mac or PC version from here.


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