New Bond Movie Named

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 28, 2008

007 gets ready to face the “Quantum of Solace”


The 22nd installment of the James Bond franchise is starting to film and the title that follows Casino Royale is Quantum of Solace the BBC reports.

Wikipedia describes Ian Fleming’s Quantum of Solace as a short story from a collection of Bond stories that “while the story does not include action elements, as other Fleming tales do, it attempts to posit that Bond’s adventures pale in comparison with real life drama,” while the producers of Bond 22 tell us that the new film will “have twice as much action as 2006’s Casino Royale.”

And who are the two lovely ladies with Daniel Craig above? On the left is Gemma Arterton with Olga Kurylenko on the right. Sure to be the hearbreakers in this story.

Press conference clips and interviews are here.

Quantum of Solace opens worldwide on November 7, 2008.


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