‘Never Ending Story’ in Times Square

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 27, 2008

Jimmy One Decade exhibition dazzles kidults in Causeway Bay.


If you were at Times Square over the Easter holiday, then you saw the giant Jimmy Liao-Fu Pin or Ji Mi cartoon characters all over the place and a fantastic art showing on the 2nd floor called the Never Ending Story.” If you haven’t the exhibition, which celebrates the 10th anniversary since the first publication of the Taiwanese author’s illustrated stories for adults and runs in Times Square until April 6th which it them moves on to other cities in Asia.

And of course, if you spend HK$300 or more in Times Square of the Food Forum and donate HK$20 to the End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation you can set a free Jimmy bag that will be avilable while stocks last.

Below we have more photos and information.


Exhibition Content:
– Classic Original Paintings – First time ever, this exhibition will feature Jimmy’s original paintings from different periods all in one time, where each original painting were selected from the all the thirty books that have been published in the past decade.

– Classic Characters’ Artistic Sculpture – A wide selection of Classic characters from Jimmy’s books will be displayed in the form of large-scale fabric-glass sculptures for the first time. Audience may meet the actor and actress of “Turn left, Turn right” at G/F plantation area of G/F, and greet the little boy (3 meters in height) from “Then the Moon Forget” and 20 other famous characters from Jimmy’s book (small white sculptures) at the 2/F.

– Dialogue between Jimmy & Fashion Designer – Jimmy’s latest work, the “Perfect Child” series, showcased 36 girls’ faces in different images and expressions. Inspired by the “Perfect Child”, famous Taiwan designer Mr. Jia-Wei Kang created an array of spectacular outfits in 20 different themes such as lovely princess, mysterious and ponky look for the girls. The outfits will be on display during the exhibition.

– Jimmy’s Life Style – Creative Items Display – Since 2003, Jimmy S.P.A. started to develop numerous items and have collaborated with brands worldwide. All those items were inspired from the famous characters of Jimmy’s book and will be displayed in the exhibition.

– 3C Interaction Area – to leave your support to Jimmy – A large-scale MP3 stereo in special bear appearance will be installed, where audience would be able to record their messages to Jimmy, to express their expectations and blessing to Jimmy.

– Charity Sale – “Loving Care for ECSAF”; Limited Edition of One Decade Gifts for Sale – To express our gratitude to Hong Kong audience for their continuous support, limited edition One Decade Postcard will be made for donation. After deduction of overhead, all proceeds will go to End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation (ECSAF).




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