MySpace is Coming to China

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 28, 2007

Now You Can Be Friends with Poor Factory Workers Too!


Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp Team are finalizing investments to launch MySpace in China WITHIN A FEW MONTHS! This is reported by the Chinese government via Reuters in Shanghai.

Any of you that follow China business know that Mr. Murdoch has had a hard time cracking his international business into China with all the – literally – red tape.

This all sounds great but what happens when the Chinese Government think that “Tom” is a member of Fulan Gong or that his “Democracy Now” T-shirt is just too sensitive. Remember this is the country that just banned The Departed for its extremely mild China references.

But the venture will have to negotiate with China’s strict regulation of media content, as well as compromise on potentially sensitive content, said Liu Bin, principal analyst at Beijing-based research firm BDA.

“It’s hard for a foreign online service provider to get an Internet content license and other news licenses,” he said.

“If MySpace forms a JV in which it takes a minor share, the company can still be looked at as a domestic company,” he added.

Good luck Mr. Murdoch – I really want to keep closer tabs on my friends at the Dongguan factory! Read the rest here.


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