Lingerie Valentine’s for Singles

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 30, 2008

DiVino and Jillian want to show Hong Kong singles a good time.


This is a promotion you have to love. While most places are going to overcharge you for a table for 2, DiVino’s on Wyndham Street in SoHo and luxury lingerie shop Jillian’s are teaming up for a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget. Jazzy tunes and a display of provocative lingerie range that is going to either make you feel happy to see skimpy-dressed models or even more lonely that you aren’t with a significant other.

The event is enhanced by DiVino’s famous “Aperitif Moment” which will, for one night only, feature Oysters and Champagne. And even a lucky draw for champagne and a gift voucher at Jillian’s.

If you’re free on that Thursday night you could should drop by. And to give you an idea of the proximity between you and the models, if you’ve never been to DiVino’s have a look at the photo of the place below, we think you’d best get their early for the event!



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