KFit – Fitness on Your Terms

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 14, 2015

We’ve recently discovered KFit, the subscription based fitness pass that lets you take any fitness class in Hong Kong for a set fee of HK$499 a month.  In just 6 months, Kfit has partnered up with over 150 fitness centres and is offering a wide range of fitness classes from Yoga to Kickboxing to Crossfit to Golf. Take any class you fancy, infact try something new every other day.  Go for a Zumba class, try Tango dancing, Ice-skating or if you are fit and brave, take a Crossfit class at Typhoon8, or even in-door rock climbing. Kfit has signed up many of the fitness centres offering a wide range of activities you can ever imagine doing and taken out everything we hate about gym subscription..hmm the high monthly fee (HK$2000 a month average), the year long contract that is never good for us the consumer and opening up a whole new variety of fitness options to you at prices per class you can never get on your own. Giving the customer exactly what they want at a fee they are happy to pay, that’s what we call amazing! 

How it works? After you sign-up, choose any class you want to attend a day before or plan your whole week ahead and just show-up for class. They have also launched their app so its easy to check what classes are available on your phone and manage your fitness on the go. If you can’t make it to class, be decent and cancel ahead of time so no one’s expecting you, there is a cost to the folks at Kfit for every class you attend. 

To get you to sign-up at zero risk, its free for the first month too!  So whatever program you are on right now, just forget it and sign up for your KFit pass right now! Cancel the next month if for whatever reason you don’t like it and its perfectly ok. But at HK$499 a month, for unlimited number of classes and no yearly contract, we love Kfit and are shamelessly promoting it on Butterboom.com. You heard it here first!

Sign up for your free 1 month pass already at Kfit. They’ve just launched their app. Download at IOS or Android


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