Japanese Housewives Hit Bangkok for Action

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 28, 2007

Yes, the headline says it all.


I wonder if stories make the news because of Pop Culture – in this case the popular U.S. show Desperate Housewives – or is someone actually revealing this information now.

It seems Japanese housewives are feeling lonely and neglected by their spouces so instead of looking locally for companionship they head where everyone else in the world heads to looking for cheap love – BANGKOK!

“They really love it when you give them a drink. They sit beside you, give you kisses, put their arms around you or massage your shoulders from behind,” an “Office Lady” from Saitama Prefecture, who frequently travels on tours to Bangkok’s boy bars, tells Shukan Shincho. “We talk in broken English and broken Japanese. But it’s not about the conversation. It’s all about the teasing and feeling good. After drinking for a while they’ll ask you to go outside with them. Normally, they have to deal with these doddering old Europeans who want them to touch or kiss their willies, which isn’t much fun for the go-go boys.”

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