Japanese Comics = True Believers!

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 28, 2007

Mainland adults believe ‘Death Note’ to be real.


You must have heard of Death Note by now, unless you live on Lamma of course. People in China are having a hard time discerning fact from fiction it appears:

A notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it.” – As Death Note‘s fame rose, it was bound to happen when someone would try to imitate the mysterious notebook found in the story. In early 2005, some schools in Shenyang, China banned the use of a stationery notebook in response to students using it as “Death Notes.” While some felt the ban was an over-reaction, the view that Death Note is “a poison that creates wicked hearts” remained in the minds of many Chinese parents and teachers and protect them from the “evil notebook.”

I bought one of them in Mong Kok for $25 a few months back. The comic is great, the movie is great and the anime is OK. If you are looking to read something incredibly complex seek it out in English, Japanese or Chinese.


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