Jackie Chan Versus Jet Li

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 2, 2007

The ultimate old-guy kung-fu battle is coming.


It’s been rumoured for awhile but we are one step closer to seeing Jackie Chan and Jet Li face off against each other on the big screen in what is tentatively titled “The J & J Project.” Sources say they could start filming Shanghai as early as this month and some say it will be a kid-flick and based on the Journey to the West story.

Uh yeah…even though these guys have been entertaining generations of fans all over the world for years, obviously as a fan ourselves we really wanted to see an ultimate fight movie. Why can’t they revisit a Street Fighter-type plot where they are in an ultimate fighting championship, sure its been done before but so has Journey to the West and if I’m paying to see these 2 guys on screen together they better be kicking and punching each other for the majority of 90 minutes.


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