iPod Touch Available in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 28, 2007

The latest Apple offering is in stores today.


Which one is the fairest one of them all? If you want video and iPod then today is your day. Apple’s iPod Touch is available today in Hong Kong. At the Hong Kong Apple Store – the 8GB model is HK$2400 and the 16GB model is HK$3200. They are saying they deliver in 8-10 days so you might want to try retailers like Fortress or head over to the Windsor House Computer Mall or check this list of authorized Apple resellers in Hong Kong.

This Engadget review is saying its OK but its no iPhone:

It’s hard to argue that there isn’t beauty in simplicity, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. But there’s such thing as too simple — and sometimes too simple can turn into crippled. Most of our complaints about the touch have to do with what it lacks — not in general, but when compared its big brother, the iPhone. Had the iPod touch come out first, the lack of a hardware volume switch, integrated speaker, and all those apps might have been perfectly passable, but now the expectations have been set, and we can’t see how taking things away from users can possibly add value. Everyone in this industry is trying to give their customers more, but with the iPod touch Apple gave its customers less in what should have been the best iPhone alternative on the market. This time around, in Apple’s obsession to edit, they managed to leave some of the best stuff on the cutting room floor.

That’s great but that doesn’t help us in Hong Kong who want a legit iPhone.

We made a few calls this morning to various shops and some have already sold out, some are waiting for more stock and some are already charging above the Apple Shop Hong Kong price. So good luck finding one this long weekend.


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