Hong Kong/Shenzhen Megacity by 2020

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 13, 2007

The world of Judge Dredd is going to be a reality in 13 years.


OK we are exaggerating this, but there has been a plan submitted to the HK Gov about merging Hong Kong and Shenzhen into one MEGACITY (that is where Judge Dredd lives BTW) making it a city bigger than London or Los Angeles. Think that’s the stuff of British comic books? Read on:

Zhu Wenhui, a consultant at the Bauhinia Foundation Research Centre’s Hong Kong-Shenzhen Metropolis Study Group, said should the proposed metropolis keep an 8 percent gross domestic product growth per annum, its GDP would reach US$1.11 trillion (HK$8.66 trillion) by 2020.

That would make the metropolis the third-largest economy, after Tokyo and New York, in the world, surpassing major cities like London, Paris and Los Angeles. If a 6 percent projection is adopted, the megacity would still rank fourth in the world.

The foundation proposed 10 recommendations to achieve that status, one of which involves the building of a high- speed railway connecting the airports of the two cities forming a super air hub.

This “think tank” (more like comic book authors club) was actually established just before Donald Tsang’s rise to office. Is this kind of government conspiracy really happening? Can you really see this happening in only 13 years and will we have police that act as judge, jury and executioner? OK that last part would be pretty cool.

Download the PDF file proposal here for yourself, but don’t bother telling Hollywood – we’ve already submitted it as a script to Michael Bay.


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