Hong Kong Loves 300

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 20, 2007

First weekend in HK brings in almost US$1 million


You always hear about the crazy opening weekend box office numbers in the US, but what about Hong Kong? Well Warner Bros. is reporting some pretty amazing numbers for their 300 movie (that we love) in Hong Kong.

300 played on 33 screens across Hong Kong this weekend and it was able to generate US$730,000 from those 33 screens which comes out to about US$22,000 per screen x 7.8 = HK$171,600 divide by HK$60 (approximate ticket price) equals 2,860 people seeing it at each cinema from Thursday-Sunday.

To put it in Pan-Asia perspective from the Hollywood Reporter:

The Warner Bros. International release took the No. 1 spot in each market it played. The fresh territories included South Korea (an estimated $6.3 million in five days from 353 screens), Turkey ($1.5 million from 115 sites), Thailand ($917,000 from 120 spots), Hong Kong ($730,000 from 33 sites for an astonishing $22,121 per-screen average) and India ($582,000 from 161 sites).

Hong Kong really loves the Greeks.


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